The Truman Gate RIP

Well I suppose it was inevitable, but I didnt think it would happen so soon. I actually thought he would get dogged that night but because he went untouched for 2 weeks, lowering me into a false sense of security, I thought ‘well maybe they actually like it’. Nah. They were just teasing me.

But tis all part of the process. You make an offering to the Gods of the streets to see what they make of you.

I’ll let it build up over the next few weeks and start again, work back into it and incorporate the new tags and throw ups. And then maybe I’ll hire 24hr security to guard the gates.

The Truman Gate



                                    Stage 3


                                    Stage 2


                                    Stage 1


After 2 years humming and hawing I finally got myself out of the studio and onto the street again. I have been pasting up a number of charcoal drawings over the last 12 months or so but has been embarressingly long since I traded canvas for concrete. It was exciting at first, then not quite so exciting, then not exciting at all. My can-control was almost infantile, I couldnt remember which caps go with which cans and it was very, very cold. Boo hoo. All good though, more to come.