Painted Books







Who’s idea was this? Me and my bright ideas. I had guessed that it would take me 2 days to paint the books but of course I never took into account the 2 days setting up and the 2 days taking it all down. The last week has been more stressful than the weeks approaching my show as I underestimated how complicated this could be. paint dripping between the books, the front getting scuffed to death and the paint not drying in time so the back sticks to the dust jacket. Never a dull moment. 
Most books were harmed in the making of this piece.

My Booky Wook




Here she is! Been waiting a long time for this baby. My book has just arrived back from the printers, 550 shining beauties. Many thanks to P for all his patience in designing this book, its been well worth it. 
All copies are available from (haven’t figured out how to add a link in a blog yet. Sorry) with 100 copies about to be hand painted by moi. Stay tuned over the coming days for progress shots.