Bright Disorder, Siena

In April i was invited to the beautiful Italian city of Siena to paint for 2 days as part of Bright Disorder with such Italian luminaries as Rae Martini, Pho, Filippo Minelli, Verbo, Bros, Etnik and Francesco Pogliaghi.

Thankfully the Italians share my life philosophy that after art, one cannot get through the day without good food and wine. So a big thankyou to Lodo and the crew for keeping this Irish boy’s belly full of the finest Tuscan food and juice of the Gods

Mmmmn, the goodness..


After a few days of wine and cinghiale it was time to do some work. Day 1 involved painting in the incredible atelier at the Museo di Santa Maria della Scala. I still can’t get used to my studio after spending a day painting in such a historic space. And for an artist that spends all day everyday painting by myself in my studio, it was cool to work alongside such leading Italian artists, although Rae Martini did scare the shit out of me when he set fire to his canvas.


Day 2 was terrifying. All 8 paintings were carried out to the Piazza Il Campo for us to finish them. Thankfully gelato’s were never far away.


Italian art critics are notoriously harsh.