Fame Festival, Grottaglie, Italy.

Also deleted by my internet gremlins was my post about my 10 days spent in the south of Italy painting with the lovely people at Studio Cromie. Many thanks to Angelo and his family for making us all feel so welcome and for sending us back to London with much bigger bellies.


Spent 2 days painting in this old abandoned monastery outside the town. The lads dropped me off each morning with a gallon of water and monstrous paninis to keep me going. Its amazing how an abandoned building can make so much noise. I swear I wasn’t scared. But apart from the Italian ghosts taking an immediate dislike to me, this was by far the best location I have ever painted in.


Managed to squeeze in a piece on the wall of Studio Cromie HQ.


Grottaglie is a town with a very strong ceramic tradition going back centuries. I gave it a go. Might be best to stick to painting.


I swear these guys are the Mafia.



No trip to Italy would be complete without food. This outdoor oven is where The Goodness is made.

Swindle Magazine, issue 16 – featuring moi

The gremlins living inside my computer managed to delete my last few blog entries so seeing as my blog is actually the most widely read and regularly updated blog on the planet I thought it best to get it all back on track. Rumour has it Obama won’t write a speech until first checking in to see whats going on here at Conorharrington.com. 
So to back track a little, here is a pic of the feature that Swindle did on me for their London issue. Also featured are fellow artists Sarah Maple, Eine, Cept and some lad called Damien Hirst. Nice.