About F**king Time!!

Never thought I’d be posting a sports clip on this here blog but I also never thought i’d be painting in my studio during one of the biggest moments in Irish sporting history and one of the biggest piss-ups in Irish drinking history, but a deadline is a deadline. I did catch the second half online. An interesting process, mixing colours and screaming at the screen.

Cy Twombly and Dr. Octagon



Had a bad day in the studio about a month back. Nothing unusual about that, shit happens. But the best thing about being an artist in London is when you need to run away from your studio there is no shortage of inspiring shows to see. I checked out this new body of work from Cy Twombly at Gagosian Gallery. 5 large canvases dominate the space. Each piece is comprised of 4 panels with 3 roses painted on the first 3 panels while the last panel contains fragments of ‘The Rose’, a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke. This show is a meeting of two giants, Twombly, a master of 20th century painting and Rilke, one of the German languages most prominent 20th Centuary poets.

And on to another giant of late 20th Century poetry, albeit in a different form, but on the same floral tip -

Word 2 Mother, Buck 65 and Kurt Vonnegut


Good morning. First up today is a big up for the Word To Mother show that opens at Stolenspace tomorrow, Thurs 19th. Mr. Word is a massive talent and a breath of fresh air in our increasingly cynical urban art scene (oh how I hate that label). This man is a true artist, a purist, who makes art for art’s sake, art from the heart and not art for the pocket. He is one of the 2 paintings I have ever bought which is supercool coz I get to see it everyday but also a little annoying as his studio is only a whistle away from mine and I could easily nab a couple when he goes off for a cuppa. Wistful and original, strong and nostalgic, wicked and weird. Which brings me on to my next topic -

Since my discovery yesterday of how easy it is to upload videos on this here blog I’ve been feeling like a new man. So as I can’t be arsed to upload new photos of my work all the time I’ll be taking these little detours with some of my favourite music. First up is one of my heroes, the one and only Buck 65. If I was a rapper I’d like to be Buck.

Another of my more recent heroes is Kurt Vonnegut. I’ve been trying to get my reading back on track lately after about a year of not finishing books (I blame the internet for killing my attention span). So one of my many New Years Resolutions is to read again and so far I’ve gotten through Michael Oondatje’s ‘Coming Through Slaughter’ (what a great title), a rambling tale of jazz legend Buddy Bolden in early 20th Century New Orleans. Its one of those books where I get off on the words alone. Also read ‘The Bookseller of Kabul’ by Asne Seierstad. I really want to paint in Kabul so if there is anybody from Afghanistan reading this blog with a nice gable end wall that I could paint portraits of European Imperialists on please don’t hesitate to get in touch. And finally my brother got me Kurt Vonnegut’s ‘A Man Without a Country’ for my birthday. This post is totally rambling so I’ll make it brief and take a nice quote from the man as he pours scorn over our digital age. Now go back and listen to Buck.

“Electronic communities build nothing. You wind up with nothing. We are dancing animals. How beautiful it is to get up and go out and do something.We are here on earth to fart around. Don’t let anybody tell you any different.” 

Paddys Day – More Irish Hip Hop Shenanigans

This is savage. DJ Mek, the drunken master of Irish hip hop, bringing the hardcore from Tullamore. I remember hearing a story many a year ago about Mek and his Scary Eire crew beating up the Beastie Boys. Not sure how true that is but tis a savage story. I also vaguely remember doing a sketch for him early one morning after a gig in Cork in 2003 and if I can barely remember it then he definitely can’t. Anyway, this video is cool. I particularly love the bit with the guy playing Low Whistle along to Mek’s beats. Oh and of course theres the classic tin of beans and fart scratching routine. Ar fheabhas.

‘Chasing Castles’ @ Kinsey/Desforges


Greetings and apologies. Its been months since I got off my ass to update this ol blog. And it was all going so well but what can I say, I’ve been hibernating. Mad busy in the studio, I’m getting ready for my next show. It opens in LA on April 18th at Kinsey/Desforges. It’ll be a 2 person show with Chloe so we’re doing 7 pieces each. I’ll be out there for a week or so, it’ll be our first trip to the west coast so I’m super excited and hopefully I’ll get a nice wall painted too. I’ll pop up some images here closer to the time.


Also just out is the Spring issue of Citizen K. Its a lovely fat French fashion and arts magazine and this issue has a special British feature. I’m not British but my work deals with issues of empire and power so my 4 pages are nicely tucked in between interviews with fashion designer Paul Smith   and taxidermy artist Polly Morgan. The interview is written in french so I hope they said something nice about me.

So what other news do I have. Lots of nice things in the pipeline for the rest of the year. Print releases, walls, another trip to my buddies at Studio Cromie in Grottaglie (Angelino, tell those vineyards to start producing extra vino and those gelaterias to go heavy on the nocciola e ciocolato). And of course I’ve also got my 3rd London solo show at Laz coming up before the end of the year and as usual there are plenty of exciting Laz related things on the way.

I also hope to start blogging more regularly about non-me stuff like music and gigs and I don’t know, other stuff. But hey, I am a world champion procrastinator so I’ll probably never get around to any of this but you never know.