Saul Williams – Twice The First Time

Finally found this after 12 years of searching. Okay maybe I didn’t look that hard. Anyway, I’ve been glued to Spotify since the beginning of the year. I was fairly dismissive of it until recently when I noticed they’ve obviously signed an agreement with a lot of independent labels so now I can listen to indie hip hop and electronica all day long. The ads are getting really annoying though.

Its amazing how when you can listen to almost any song in the world, you can never think of anything. Or else you just keep listening to what you already know. Strange. So anyway, this morning I needed some ‘get my ass painting’ music and remembered this old Saul Williams tune that my friend Caoimhe gave me on tape back in 97 from an old Radio Friendly show back in good ol Cork. Never forgot this tune but for whatever reason I could never find it. Until this morning, happy days. This tune is ridiculous. A definite contender for Best Hip Hop Tune That Hardly Anybody Has Ever Heard. His rhyming is so smart without being over the top. I’ve seen him twice in London and both times he put on a show that would shame most rappers. There was no stomping around the stage with his dick in his hand showing utter contempt and ignorance towards his audience.

“Not until you listen to Rakim on a rocky mountain top have you heard hip hop, extract the urban element that created it and let an open wide countryside illustrate it”

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One Response to “Saul Williams – Twice The First Time”

  1. Peace Justice Says:

    in 1999 or so i had this CD, and i dont think i’ve seen it for years. just woke up with it in my head, so glad to find it here. now, to just go through those boxes of CDs and try to find it.

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