FAME 2009 – The Soundtrack

Ok I don’t know how this happened but this tune was in my head the whole time I was in Italy. I think I overheard someone say ‘senza blah blah blah’ and I thought that word sounds familiar. Then this popped into my head – ‘Senza una donna (without a woman)’ and I couldn’t get rid of it dammit. Hey we all need a little cheese from time to time. ┬áBut check out the girl in the video, yikes, she was my muse the whole time I was painting.

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2 Responses to “FAME 2009 – The Soundtrack”

  1. JJ Says:

    awful, awful tune. You should be barred from the web for a week and have to pay a fine to my fine website.

  2. conorsaysboom Says:

    I know you secretly love it.

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