FAME 2009 – La Torre

conor-torre-fame-09And so to the Tower. Angelo had this great idea of painting these towers in the countryside around Grottaglie. It was more difficult finding a suitable tower though as many of them store electrical generators and have wires coming out the top. Not so good with a cherry-picker.

We even door-stepped a princess, yes a real life princess, to ask if we could paint the tower on her land. She was totally up for it and even asked me why I wanted to paint something so ugly and I mumbled something about  it being beautiful when I’m finished with it. So we were about to set off when she realized that I wanted to paint the tower, not paint a picture of it. She changed her tune fairly fast, too much risk with the generator inside and all that. Dammit. At least I got to speak to a real live princess.

So this tower was the eventual candidate. I was well happy with the location, perched amongst the vineyards. Nice.





I took a looser approach to handling the figures this time round, using white emulsion and a brush with black spraypaint. The oil- based spraypaint and the water-based emulsion don’t like eachother but I think that gives a nice raw finish. 








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4 Responses to “FAME 2009 – La Torre”

  1. mikemaxwellart Says:

    Looks great! How tall is it? The wrap around the corner is fresh.

  2. Conor Harrington in Italy « Retinal Fetish Says:

    [...] June 30, 2009 A nice series of photos showing the process of making Conor’s piece on a water tower in Italy. Link. [...]

  3. mike Says:

    Fantastic work and as amazing as ever.

    Really looking forward to visiting grottaglie for this years FAME.

  4. Oushka Says:

    Wow looks amazing I saw your work in lazarides close up – even nicer!

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