Buffed by Advertising

streetartad2Received these images this morning, alas my Meatpacking piece didn’t last so long. Well actually I guess 10 months is a lifetime in graffiti, especially in New York. I expected this piece to be bombed long ago and as far as i know if remained relatively intact in its twilight weeks. But to be covered by a billboard… Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!! ¬†Thanks to Steve for the heads-up.

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  1. Conor,

    I saw this piece less then a month ago. Thats a damn shame. I absolutely loved it. It makes it even worse that its advertising.

    -Brent G.

  2. thats a DAMN shame! and you are right 10 months in NYC is a lifetime so to speak. i bet if you ask real nice you could probably get someone to steal the whole billboard…

  3. Do you live nearby with a crowbar and a mischievous demeanour?

  4. i’ll be there in a month and about my demeanour… shiiiiiiiit. i have “trouble” tattooed on my face… ;)

  5. Dunno if you’ve seen already:


  6. That’s a shame, Mate. Do you by any chance know what happened to the other piece you did on the exterior of the Outsiders show space?

  7. Not sure about the Outsiders piece DQ, I believe the building is being renovated so I’d say those pieces have been dumped somewhere as they were on sheets of plywood. Or maybe they’re on someones wall, who knows. Thats actually one of my favourite pieces – short, quick and quite abstract. I soooooo want to go back to NY.

  8. The image I tried to link to shows the piece after the hoading had been removed…

    So, back as it should be.

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