Roberto Saviano – on food, boxing, snow and life in exile.

He’s the same age as me, sold 2 million copies of his book and he’s been on the run ever since. There’s an excellent diary piece by Saviano in todays Times where he talks about the torture of living life in exile on the run from the Camorra who have vowed to kill him. Gomorrah, the film adaptation of his book is an excellent but dish-water grim view of Mafia life. Dispels all glamourous myths.

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  1. Just read the piece on the Times. Seems like not much has moved on for Saviano since the last time I read about his situation, always looking over his shoulder.

    I have only dipped in and out of the book here and there, so I need to go back to it proper, but I thought the film was excellent and in typical Oscar fashion it didn’t even make the cut for best foreign film.

    It would seem he is cursed by that book.

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