Headless Heroes






You may have noticed its been ages since I’ve put up any new work on my blog. I’ve been up the walls trying to get on top of my next show at Laz, it opens Oct 31st, which seems like ages away but is nothing in painting-time. So nothing is being finished at the moment, everything is suspended in an awkward unfinished limbo. So I decided to send this drawing into Laz. Its always good to  complete something, no matter how small, when everything else looks like they’ll never get done.

There’s some new imagery in this one, mainly boobies, or should I say a boob, which is always nice. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Desperate Romantics on BBC2. The show is fairly shit lets be honest but I always love how the media portrays artists, with their cliched temperament and feverish approach to painting. The show is packed full of screaming drunken artists. And boobies. Very entertaining.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Laz said the drawing was A5 in the press release, its actually 4 times the size at A3.

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  1. That boob is either a very cerebral homage to paintings like Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People” or a gratuitous mammary. Either way, I likey….

  2. Gratuitous is the new cerebral.

  3. Very interesting sketch, beautiful boob…
    Really looking forward to seeing the paintings!

  4. Really looking forward to the show.

    I can only recall seeing a woman in one of your paintings once before.

  5. delighted with your new direction, or distraction, any chance of getting a bicycle in there?

  6. Great stuff Conor. Must try to make it over for the show, it’s been far too long!

  7. i really like this pic. we had to drw it in school. but what is it about

  8. wow,came a long way since surface tension i see, use of shadow and light is perfect, thoroughly impressed man

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