Absolute killer tune from Ken Booth, ooooh it brings me way back to the Bad Bellyman on Cork’s Radio Friendly. We used to tape his reggae show and play it all week, this is one that used up all my walkman batteries from rewinding all the time. Check the Version too, dubwise selection without objection! Quality.

Another tune keeping me awake in the studio is this mental live cut from Birdy Nam Nam, the french 4 man scratch and electronica crew. Hard to believe its 7 years old at this stage.

this_is_england_04_1270x833_300dpiIn other news, I’ve been having crazy dreams lately. One involved my upcoming show at Laz. All the pieces were in the gallery but I was still working on them a few nights before the opening. This dude¬†from Shane Meadow’s fantastic This Is England¬†kept breaking into the gallery and tagging all over my paintings.


connorOh I’ve been slack on the ol posts lately, apologies. Days and nights have become one as my show approaches but Lucy sent me this lovely photo this morning of my tower that a friend of hers took while out at the Fame opening a few weeks back. It looks like its been picked up and planted somewhere magical. I’ll be back.