Happy Paddys Day

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7 Responses to “Happy Paddys Day”

  1. tothej Says:

    is that james joyce on the cover of Rolling Stone?

  2. conorsaysboom Says:

    Yeah, and thats my tattooed back in the first photo. Heavy paintbrushes.

  3. stephenmurphyart Says:

    You’re a gas man Whozer… I thought you might have got to 5, that’s some stamina you have. Each one better than the last..

  4. tothej Says:

    where the bleedin hell is Roy and Tanora? Anyway belated happy paddy`s day

  5. conorsaysboom Says:

    You’re right about Roy, I was looking for a good pic but got side-tracked by the lovely ladies and their tri-colour swim wear.

  6. Teddy Vain Says:

    Word to that picture of Mek and the aul fella on the train. Awesome. And as for the swimsuits……

  7. GOLDY Says:


    Very much a Johnny come lately to your work….don’t need me to tell ya dope biscuits.
    Curious with U.K miltary swing on ting’s but heh no matta anything that brings to mind Sundays and Zulu on UTV can’t be a bad ting can it.



    One the best that never did it ( shame )

    Alright Kidd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSC7IesQBXQ

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