I Love – Caribou’s Swim

Spending silly hours in the studio these days so I need lots of coffee and lots of music, although to be honest sometimes its nice to just listen to the radio. Lots of election things discussed, plus I voted this morning for the first time in my life (well done me), I know I can change the world with my ‘x’. Anyway, been enjoying Caribou’s new album. ‘Swim’, I like that title, and theĀ album is full of electronic, psychedelic goodness.

Wallkandy – The Blog

So Ian over at Wallkandy has finally done what he should have been doing for years – set up a blog. He knows this scene inside out so his views and news will be a welcome addition to the blogosphere. Plus, I know his appreciation for a bit of cake so it will be easy for me to bribe him to fill his content with my work hee hee hee…… Enjoy

New Book – Beyond The Street

Very excited about seeing this book when it comes out. Beyond The Street, a serious survey of the international street art scene featuring 100 movers and shakers, no groovers and no fakers.

I have a spread in it so you can read me rant on and on about this and that but apart from me it features just about every important person that has contributed to the scene as a whole over the last 10 years. Its about time a book like this has come out, I’m sick of the multitude of boring stencil/poster photo books that seem to come out every week. This one has words in it.

Available from late April and published by Gestalten, it has 400 pages of goodness (granted, I haven’t actually seen the book so I may have to eat my words in a few weeks). Massive respect to Stu and Patrick for tackling the impossible. Enjoy

Guru, rest in peace above the clouds.

Guru, from the mighty Gangstarr died this morning after being in hospital for several weeks. One of the greatest of all time.

I totally fucked up a few years ago when they played in the Savoy in Cork. They did a storming set and afterward a few of the lads hung around to try and meet him. I went home. They got to stay in drinking with him, I vaguely remember them saying that he eats porridge for breakfast. To make it all worse they brought him out tagging. I was asleep in my bed. Idiot.

LA Baby!

I’ve been fairly sparse with the work-related posts this year. Its been a mad one, working on a few large pieces for the 2nd Laz show in LA coming up in June. There’s 4 of us on board for the show, myself (Ireland), Antony Micallef (UK), JR (France) and Vhils (Portugal). Thats a nice European flavour, think we should call the show Eurovision hee hee hee.

So that a sneak peak at my studio and what I’m working on. Doesn’t really give away anything but hopefully they’ll be nice once finished. I’ve a few other exciting things happening in the next couple of months (if the ash cloud ever leaves us alone) so keep an eye here for further news.

I Love – Mux Mool

Cracking album out from Minnesota born Brooklynite Brian Lindgren aka Mux Mool. I’d heard bits and pieces over the last year or so and I just got his debut album last night and its keeping me going in the studio all morning. Its called Skulltaste, but don’t let that put you off, there’s nothing too dark and nasty about this guy’s sound. It crunches along like a respectable hip-hop head-nod embellished with blips and beeps and lazer synths, almost like as if your old 8-bit games console popped into Toy Story-esque life and started singing. Nice nice nice.