Bloods Trilogy – N Gatz We Truss

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  1. This is absolutely stunning – and fits perfectly! You are probably one of my favorite artists!
    Best regards,

  2. CONOR.. I love your stuff, and comment on it regularly… But i have to know, what kind of paper do you use on those paper pieces. Everytime i try to use to much paint or spray on paper it warps the piece. So i gotta know, what paper that is.. You dont seem to ever have this issue..

  3. Hi Natron,

    Its not about the paper but how you prepare it. Paper has to be stretched before you paint it, otherwise even the tiniest bit of paint will completely warp the sheet.

    I had written a long boring point by point synopsis of how to stretch paper for you but then I checked this link – – and realized I’ve been doing it slightly wrong! So don’t listen to me : )

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