Venice Beach

I hadn’t got around to posting about the piece I did on Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach while we were in LA a few weeks back. It was good fun, really chilled spot, lots of friendly people, decent coffee (a rarity in the States) and tasty food. Not bombed at all, and certainly no graf from what I could see.

And then I spotted this over on The Dirt Floor. I know this happens, usually by some chromed up graf writers and I’ve no problem with it, all part of painting on the streets blah blah blah. I don’t know anything about this guy but his work seems to fall more into the Street Art category than the Graf one so you’d think he might have a little more respect for what I’ve done. I would have preferred if he had just gone right through my piece instead of adding on to the end. The bit he went over was my favourite part, we had to board up those windows so that panel is nice and flat and I could really move the paint around on it.  

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  1. Dude. This seriously ruins my day everytime i see it.. The only thing that makes up for it is the fact that i just got your new “Bring the Noise” print with all my rent money.. Guess ill just have to sell all my other ones..

  2. Just wanted to give a quick update on the piece. Since I posted this, someone went over his piece with a big blue streak completely covering the face.

    The guy who did the face actually went up and down the whole blvd writing his name over everything, usually just tagging.

    On a positive note, Since you put up the piece Conor, all kinds of new pieces have been appearing in the area which I think is a positive thing. I really feel your piece in a sense gave “permission” for other to express themselves. I drive by it most everyday and constantly see people taking pictures of it.

  3. I saw the crew of 4 who appropriated the large portion of the piece that was painted on plywood. They weren’t sure if it was a Harrington or a Banksy, but they were sure they were saving the art from being tagged eventually and promised it going into an art-lovin’ home.

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