Auction again

Greg over at Gallery 23 Framers in Dublin just sent me this pic of the framed piece.. nice nice

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  1. Looks like the holiday may have to go on hold

  2. So it turns out you have to actually be in Ireland to bid on this, and possibly win. Doesn’t work out so well when u live in Portland, or.

  3. Very pleased to have won this in the auction. First off, I have to say a big thanks to Andy at the Scoop Foundation as I was not able to make it to the auction as I do not live in Ireland but to make matters worse I was in Australia on buisness and he was extremely helpful in allowing me to make a telephone bid. I had to set the alarm at 3am to bid and when I won he helped me get the thing packed and sent back over to England. I was so pleased I won I got carried away and bid on another piece.
    Conor -thanks for donating to the auction – its a great piece and I am pleased to add it to my CH collection. I didnt really want to go on holiday anyway!

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