New Print – Holy Smoke

This is the print I’ve been working on lately – ‘Holy Smoke’, 5 colour screen print and edition of 100 (thats my Christmas shopping sorted). I hand painted each print in gold  first and worked back in to most of them with white before printing so each print will vary slightly. Available here. I’ll try and get a pic of the drawing I based this on up on the blog this week.

Waiting For The Men

Its been so cold in London all week that the only place I could seek comfort and warmth was the cinema or the pub. So we went to see two movies this week. The first was Anton Corbijn‘s excellent The American, starring George Clooney. I’ve always been a fan of Clooney’s political stuff (Syriana being a favourite of mine) and this seemed like it might be a kind of Bourne-style globetrotting rampage. It was very different. Super slow and simmering with tension, it makes sense given Corbijn’s success as a photographer as each scene resembled a still image more than moving pictures. Clooney plays an assassin holed up in a quiet Italian town waiting for a bullet.  In the mean time he has plenty of fun with the unfeasibly  attractive Violente Placido. Yum.

Then last night we went to see another European masterpiece – Of Gods and Men – about a group of French monks in a monastery in Algeria under threat from the local Mujahideen bad men,  also waiting for their time to come.