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January 30, 2011

All from here.

Early Early, Monday Morning..

January 25, 2011

Rob Phoenix

January 21, 2011

Tomorrow sees the opening of Rob Phoenix‘s first London solo show. I’ve known Rob for a few years now, ever since he interviewed me and Chloe for Failed Rockstar and painstakingly transcribed every word I wittered on about. I felt he deserved my friendship for that alone. Anyway, a failed rockstar but a champion painter, Rob’s show opens tomorrow afternoon in And/Or Gallery, Mare Street, E8. Come along for brunch, art and a truly fantastic beard.

The Mighty Saul

January 21, 2011

Saul Williams. Missed out on tickets again :(

2010 Wrap Up

January 19, 2011

The lovely folks over at Alwaysreadthesmallprint have been busy compiling a list of 2010 highlights from various creatives and chancers. You can download it here.

The amazing Maser.

The amazing Jor.

Vicky Leekx Mixtape

January 8, 2011

Enjoying this new free mixtape from MIA, you can download it here. She’s mental. The mix is chaotic, beats and tempos colliding and occasionally breaking into an attractive groove before falling into carnage again. Quality.

Hell’s Half Acre – The Book

January 7, 2011

Just received my copy of the Hell’s Half Acre book in the post today, mmmm yummy. The book is gorgeous, with photos of the show from all the artists involved.


Doug Foster

Polly Morgan.


January 5, 2011

I did this quick piece on Monday with Crak One. I wrote ‘Ocras’ (‘hungry’ in Irish) not as some sort of comment on the possible future of Irish society after the economic bailout, I wrote it because I’m always hungry.

Crak One

Cork Graf

January 5, 2011

The carpark is getting super busy these days. Nice to see so many young writers coming through (as well as the occasional international superstar). Nice one Crak, Dusto, Dex, Nash and Keane.


Row Row Row Your Boat

January 5, 2011

No trip on a currach is complete without a coffee break, just like how the fishermen of yore did it..


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