Crossing Lines – Short Film


In May 2010 I set out on a trip to Israel and Palestine with film-maker Andy Telling. We spent a week painting in both Tel Aviv and Bethlehem. My work deals with conflict and tension so I thought this would be an interesting place to go to.

Andy has been working away for months on the film, both editing and producing all the music. Here are the fruits of his labour.

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  1. beautiful, great art work and this video brought me in a very light mood. A lot of stunning images in there!

  2. Thanks, that made my morning. Love the little details like the kid with the ‘Paradice’ advert.

    I didn’t see any guns in your work, would you say the images are more peaceful than usual?

  3. such a great mix of shots of the landscape, the people, and you working (without giving away too many secrets of corse) all set to the perfect soundtrack for setting the mood. well done all around.

  4. Very nice film, I love it. Well done
    greetings from Slovakia

  5. Bellissimo veder vestire di libertà i muri, simboli di oppressione e chiusura. Ottimo il lavoro di fotografia e video. Grazie!

  6. I love this film!
    I’m studying art in the sixth form, and just thought I’d let you know I’m using your art as my main artist research/influence, – your work is awesome.
    I’ll be posting pages from my sketchbook pretty soon, I’ve done an artist research page too, complete with my attempt at One Man’s Heroic Waste Of Time.
    Thanks for the inspiration, can’t wait to see more stuff


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