Here’s a little project I’ve been talking with Vhils about for a long time. Our ideas are quite similar, mixing realism and abstraction through various layers so we gave it a go in an abandoned factory outside Lisbon. I painted the wall and he drilled into it. Stay tuned for a larger scale collaboration.







Lisboa – Giddy Up!

I’m just back from a lil trip to Lisbon to do a spot of painting and of course sample their fine wines and foods.. mmmm. This was a piece I painted over in Alcantara during the week. The wall was nice and smooth so I could really move the paint around and do some nice smearing.

I had planned on writing ‘All this talk of blood and slaying has put me off my tea’ as quoted in Alice In Wonderland but I blocked in all the text and it didn’t sit right so I started erasing the letters slowly but surely til I was happy with the balance but all I was left with was ‘my ea’. Form over function, blah blah blah.

There was also a discussion about my placement on the wall as I was marking out the horse. I had to go over a tag, which I never like doing but it was either that or a chrome. A discussion ensued regarding graffiti ethics (blah blah blah) but I found it funny given my choice of land-grabbing colonial imagery that here we were in lisbon discussing the same thing. Maybe I’m the colonialist coming into a new country and imposing myself over others. Fuck it, I had a lot of fun though.