Monday Morning Glory


A few years ago in the months before Weekend Warriors, my 2nd solo show at Laz, I set myself a task each morning of doing a quick study before getting on with the larger canvases, kinda like stretching before going for a jog. And that’s exactly how the large paintings feel sometimes, like running a marathon, so its nice to bang out a few loose pieces to get myself going. I set my stopwatch (not saying for how long) and get going. It makes me make decisions I wouldn’t normally take, if I fuck up there’s nothing I can do about it.

All the studies are for my upcoming show at Lazarides in February 2012. I did a photoshoot in my studio a few weeks ago involving loadsa props and models so each of these studies will be a glimpse into the shoot before the show (haven’t decided whether I should put up pix of the shoot or not). So anyway, I’ll try and get a Morning Glory pic up everyday, I’m sure the results will be super varied.

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4 Responses to “Monday Morning Glory”

  1. Garret Says:

    This is great! Love these kinds of exercises. I think you certainly should put up the pics of the shoot! Excited to see what you have coming next.

  2. The Joker Says:

    Damn..Feb 2012..the last solo show at Laz was show of the year..Feb 2012 sounds a long way off…I know it will be worth it. Great to see prelim shots.

    • conorsaysboom Says:

      Its gonna come round sooo quickly, trust me! I’ve started the show so there’ll be a few finished paintings later in the summer, might stick em up here.

  3. Annie Says:

    Thank you for Morning glory, it took me everywhere.

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