Friday Morning (hungover) Glory


A quick sketch, this time staying within my time limit as opposed to Wednesday and Thursday’s efforts. Might have to revise this whole thing as I’m getting sucked in to spending more time on them, and that’s no bad thing.



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  1. amazing beat the clock studies! I should try that too!
    Hope all is well, and I will try to come to your show in february!
    Cheers my friend!

  2. why the 1800-esq subject matter? i know i’ve read your statement about this somewhere before, but could you drop a refresher for a brother real quick? or don’t haha i suppose it’s a rather useless question anyway. either way im a huge fan and thank you for all the awesome work.

  3. Thats a tough question Evo, and one that requires me to use my brain on a Saturday morning. There are loads of reasons but for this show I set up a feast, inspired by all the feasts through art history except I wanted mine to be all about decadence and excess. I looked at a lot of era’s but the ostentation in the 18th C costume is bangin. Totally over the top, complete bling.

  4. Nice stuff man, always love checking out what you have been up to!

  5. haha love it! very very cool. thank you for responding too!
    “complete bling” well said!

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