Battle For Supremacy @ SCOOP Charity Auction

Last year I donated a piece to the SCOOP charity auction in Dublin. They are building a school in Cambodia and my piece last year raised 10% of the money needed to build it.. sweeeet! So this year we’re hoping to raise some more money for the continuing development of the project so if you fancy a go, here are all the details – – the action happens next Sunday the 11th.

This piece is called ‘Battle For Supremacy’ and its the only piece from the body of work for my upcoming solo show at Lazarides in February that will be released before the show. The piece is the usual oil and aerosol but this time on canvas-board and measures 51cm x 76cm. It will be framed in a nice white box frame.

Here’s the school so far.


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  1. Beautiful painting, great cause! Its really amazing you can paint like this – care to give lessons? :)

    Best of luck with the auction, hope people dig deep for this.

  2. Love it boyo. The last show in the Rathbone blew my mind but I cannot get my head around the fabulousness of this piece.

  3. This is an absolutely stunning piece. Follow the link below to see it framed.

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