SCOOP Auction – Thanks!

Quick word about the auction, the piece raised E5,100 for the school in Cambodia. Super happy with that.

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  1. Great result. As the underbidder, congrats to the ‘winner’, you bought a great piece from a great artist for a great cause. I meanwhile will keep saving the pennies for next years show.
    Judging by all these glory teaser pieces its going be be hot one!

  2. Finally got to Dublin this weekend to pick up this magnificient painting, and had the double delight of seeing Conor’s street piece for the Dub Contemp show.
    It was a ‘Battle for Supremacy’ to get my mitts on it (damn you Ant ;), but I am a gleeful victor, and delighted that the proceeds are going to such a good cause too.
    Conor, if it was a wrench to part with such an amazing piece, you might take some solace in that it’s in situ (pride of place) in the rebel county ;)
    Cheers Andy and Rubio for minding it for me until now.

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