Dead Meat, Lazarides Gallery March 2nd – April 12th 2012

The 3 Wise Men (detail), oil, aerosol and gold leaf on linen, 2012 (photo Ian Cox)

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10 Responses to “Dead Meat, Lazarides Gallery March 2nd – April 12th 2012”

  1. Nathan DeYoung Says:

    Conner, the new work from what I can see looks insanely epic! You are such a huge inspiration and I wish I could afford to fly over the pond and see your opening in the flesh. I cant wait until you post full photos of the show, and I wish you only the best!! Keep killin it!

  2. Natron Says:

    What he said…..

  3. Xabier XTRM Says:

    Your work is simply amazing!

  4. alex Says:

    pushing the boundaries… v cool. inspiring.

    do you paint it all, or is some collaged?

  5. perry chandler Says:

    Man your work is awsome, such an insparation. Do you make all of you canvas’s yourself? What kind of paints do you use?

  6. Alan Wells Says:

    The work just gets better and better.

  7. Robert Says:

    Great stuff! By the time the gallery got back to me, all the studies were sold!

    I’m sure you have a few lying around the studio that didn’t get any wall time… Let me know if you want to sell any small pieces!

    Good luck and I will try again next show!

  8. Tinkerbell Says:


  9. Lorenzo Says:

    Hey Conor…first off you’re an amazing artist definitely one of my favorites..but I was wondering..what oils do you prefer to use?

  10. Riley from Alabama Says:

    You are my favorite modern painter. I just want to dive into your work.

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