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January 30, 2011

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Oil and Ash

May 1, 2010

Oliver Stone – South of the Border

September 3, 2009

Oliver-Stones-South-of-th-002Looking forward to this documentary.  Debuting at the Venice Film Festival next week, this is Stone’s investigation into the rise of the new South American leaders and their battle against their northern counterpart’s economic control.  You can peep the trailer here.

A Sunny Day at The Bank of England

April 2, 2009




So off we headed to the Bank of England one sunny day. Its only about 15 minutes from my studio so I thought why not. Unfortunately the police heard I was coming so they were out in full force. 

g23These boys were photographing everybody in the crowd but the ironic thing about this protest was that the vast majority of people there were only there as spectators, myself included. Everybody had a camera, anytime some ruckus started up went the cameras click click click.g24My favourite placard of the day, this guy totally stole my ‘OMG’ placard idea.












So as you can see most of my photos are fairly dull but here are some quality shots from the Guardian – 






So there you have it, the official review as brought to you by Conorsaysboom. I’m not anti-capitalist and I’m possibly the worlds biggest pacifist (Dalai Lama is a thug compared to me) but the way the police treated us all yesterday made me re-think my peaceful nature. I even looked scornfully in their direction, from a safe distance.

From the estimated 4000 ‘protesters’ at The Bank of England yesterday, my survey has produced the following results. There were about 50 anarchists, 200 protesters and 3760 spectators all in attendance with camera in hand to put up on sites, blogs and flickr accounts.

But the problem with all this protesting stuff is how it polarizes people. To the police, we were all anarchists. Everyone of us, even the mother with her toddler in a buggy that they wouldn’t let out. But them again as you can see from the above pictures, the anarchists that were there gave plenty cause for concern. So I’m going to finish up this with a nice chilled optimistic tune from Timmy Thomas. And don’t worry kids, Obama reads my blog.


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