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Holy Smokin’

January 5, 2011


This is the drawing used in my Holy Smoke print (as opposed to the one previously posted).

Holy Smoke – drawing

December 15, 2010

This is similar to the drawing I did for the Holy Smoke print. I did this a couple of weeks back for a mate’s birthday.

Monster-Munch Super-Delux Bad-Man Dem

December 10, 2009

This is my piece for the Grifters show at Laz, you may not have noticed it if you visited the show as its tucked away in a corner on the top floor. I’m having a meeting with Jason Bourne in a few minutes to discuss appropriate punishment. Anyway, this is me drawing, she’s a big one, coming in at 4 ft x 3ft and features most of my actors – Bishop, soldiers, hot chick and a sousaphone.

Headless Heroes

August 19, 2009






You may have noticed its been ages since I’ve put up any new work on my blog. I’ve been up the walls trying to get on top of my next show at Laz, it opens Oct 31st, which seems like ages away but is nothing in painting-time. So nothing is being finished at the moment, everything is suspended in an awkward unfinished limbo. So I decided to send this drawing into Laz. Its always good to  complete something, no matter how small, when everything else looks like they’ll never get done.

There’s some new imagery in this one, mainly boobies, or should I say a boob, which is always nice. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Desperate Romantics on BBC2. The show is fairly shit lets be honest but I always love how the media portrays artists, with their cliched temperament and feverish approach to painting. The show is packed full of screaming drunken artists. And boobies. Very entertaining.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Laz said the drawing was A5 in the press release, its actually 4 times the size at A3.

The Shadow of a King

April 13, 2009


New drawing just finished over the weekend, available this week at Laz. Apologies for the crap quality, need to get a professional scan so once thats sorted I’ll post it up here.

Shop @ Lazarides and Compton’s Most Wanted

April 6, 2009


My lovely people at Lazarides have re-opened the Greek Street gallery as a shop selling all manner of arty bits and pieces – prints, books, drawings blah blah blah. The above drawing is ‘The City That I’m Claiming’, my first pencil drawing in many a year. I took the title from a classic Compton’s Most Wanted tune. I was approaching a not too nice birthday about a month ago so I revisited a lot of the hip hop i used to listen to way back when. Early midlife crisis? Maybe.

This is the video but its the clean edit. Yuck.

This one has no pictures but all the bad words. Yum.


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