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DEAD MEAT – Photoshoot

April 26, 2012

I organized a photo-shoot in my studio about a year ago for fresh source material for the show. I hadn’t done anything like this before so it was quite an experience. Coordinating people and generally being the boss isn’t my thing but we got there in the end.

The time period in the shoot is a bit mixed up but most of it is mid 18th Century. The flags are contemporary, suggesting the turmoil in the European economy in the last year or so. The whole shoot is quite decadent and I won’t bore you with the conceptual details but I’m getting ideas together for the next shoot at the moment. Massive thanks to Chloe for keeping my shit together on the day and of course photographer Eoghan Brennan and his beautiful assistant Charles.

Dead Meat, Lazarides Gallery March 2nd – April 12th 2012

February 21, 2012

The 3 Wise Men (detail), oil, aerosol and gold leaf on linen, 2012 (photo Ian Cox)

Death in the Afternoon @ The Minotaur

October 16, 2011

Here’s my piece from The Minotaur show, currently running in the Old Vic Tunnels. I was given the brief about a year ago so I was pretty excited about all the possibilities that the Minotaur could bring given my work’s ongoing interest in masculinity, power and ego and all that blah blah blah..

This year I’ve started doing a series of shoots with photographer Eoghan Brennan to use as source material and for this painting I took Ramey’s 1826 sculpture of Thesseus slaying the minotaur as a starting point. I recreated it, replacing Thesseus with Jatinder (an Indian/English mate of mine) and I dressed him up as a matador.

I listen to the news a lot in the studio, and one of the main stories in the last few months as I’ve been thinking about this piece has been the instability in the global markets (I never really understand any of this) and in particular the fragility of the euro. My own country has had no small part to play in the euro’s woes  but for the purpose of this painting I liked the symbolism of the Minotaur, that great charachter of Greek and European mythology on his back about to be slayed by the rising Asian economies.

Bloods Trilogy – N Gatz We Truss

June 28, 2010

Eurotrash – Show Pix

June 16, 2010

One week on and here are a few flix of the Eurotrash show, currently running in LA. All photos thanks to Ian at Wallkandy of course. I’ll be back soon with shots of my individual pieces from the show.

Headless Heroes – Gallery Shots

November 7, 2009















GetAttachment-3.aspxAll photos thanks to Ian Cox.

Show Me Yours

November 7, 2009

Show Me YoursShow Me Yours, oil and aerosol on canvas, 183cm x 122cm, 2009





The New Youth Culture

November 7, 2009

The New Youth CultureThe New Youth Culture, Oil and aerosol on canvas, 91cm x 122cm, 2009





The Cat Who Got The Cream

November 7, 2009

The Cat That Got The CreamThe Cat Who Got The Cream. Oil and aerosol on canvas, 183cm x 122cm, 2009





The New Kids in the Barrio

November 7, 2009

The New Kids in the BarrioThe New Kids in the Barrio. Oil and aerosol on canvas, 91cm x 122cm, 2009






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