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Deviant – new choons

July 10, 2011

Absolutely love this bit of Irish trad-sampled beats from my boy Deviant, and below is another slice of soul-flavoured loveliness, all recorded live.


Nate Dogg x Burial x Fourtet x Thom Yorke

March 29, 2011

A bit late on this mashed up tribute to the late Nate Dogg.

New Rubberbandits

February 25, 2011

So everyones off to the polls in Ireland to vote in a similar shower of chancers to run the country. Newsnight on the BBC lastnight had a feature on the elections, featuring the obligatory shot of homeless people. Yeah BBC, everyone is homeless in Ireland. Anyway, I haven’t been following things too close so I’m not sure who I’d vote for if I lived at home but I reckon the Rubberbandits would get the job done. They’re certainly not homeless either.

Vicky Leekx Mixtape

January 8, 2011

Enjoying this new free mixtape from MIA, you can download it here. She’s mental. The mix is chaotic, beats and tempos colliding and occasionally breaking into an attractive groove before falling into carnage again. Quality.


December 12, 2010

I Need A Dollar (Euro)

November 26, 2010

Been back from LA for a few weeks now and I’m holed up in possibly the coldest studio in the world ever ever. In the mean time, shit has hit the fan for Ireland. Here’s a lil song for Brian Cowen and Brian Lenihan. Chin up lads.

Dels – Shapeshift

July 16, 2010

As recommended by Rob. Love this.

Is maith Liom – Big Boi’s new album

July 9, 2010

Been listening to this loads since I got it yesterday. Quality. Absolutely banging.

I first heard Outkast when i got their debut Southerplayalisticadillacmusic shortly after it first came out in 94, it was one of those big albums that had a huge effect on me, as back in those days before downloads and the internet and when pocket money meant I could only get a new tape every few months, you tended to listen to every album like a million times.

Can’t believe its been 16 years (yikes) and after an increasingly inventive and successful career Big Boi is back with an even better album and he’s still only 35. It leans heavily towards an 80s synth-funk sound with saucy Southern guitar licks. Nice.

New Roots

June 28, 2010

Got the new Roots album today, its been getting great reviews but I find some of it a little bland, unlike some of the grizzlier forces on their last album Rising Down. Anyway, this tune featuring with Joanna Newsom is banging. love it.

I Love – Caribou’s Swim

April 28, 2010

Spending silly hours in the studio these days so I need lots of coffee and lots of music, although to be honest sometimes its nice to just listen to the radio. Lots of election things discussed, plus I voted this morning for the first time in my life (well done me), I know I can change the world with my ‘x’. Anyway, been enjoying Caribou’s new album. ‘Swim’, I like that title, and theĀ album is full of electronic, psychedelic goodness.


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