Press Shizzle



Woah, been ages since I updated this. So much to say, too lazy to say it. I’ll start with a couple of magazines that ran me on the front cover last month, 2 different types of art magazines but I guess you could say each one reflects a strand of my work. First up Irish Arts Review, a mag focusing on broad range of Irish art (above photo courtesy of Will St Leger) . And then of course graffiti and street art specialist VNA, a favourite of mine for a long time. Cover shoot thanks to Shamil Tanna.

And finally here’s a nice vid from film-maker Joao Retorta that we did during the shoot.


Everybody here at Conor HQ (a multinational think tank of coffee-drinking dreamers) is delighted with our feature in this months Blueprint (‘The Leading Magazine of Architecture and Design’ dontcha know). They did a nice feature on my recent trip to Israel and Palestine.

I’m on the telly

Tim_and_Paul_Smith_mediumNo no, its not the 6th season of The Wire with my much speculated starring role as Jimmy McNulty’s younger cousin over from Ireland to clean up the streets of West Baltimore by, er.. painting them. Its a new series on Sky Arts entitled ‘Tim Marlow Meets’ where Mr Marlow (above left), director of exhibitons at London’s White Cube, meets a number of creative figures to discuss their favourite works of art.

The series includes film director Mike Leigh, American crooner Tony Bennett, funny Python and wonderful wanderer Michael Palin, singer Renee Fleming and British fashion legend Sir Paul Smith. Mr Smith (above right) has bought one of my pieces from Weekend Warriors (below) so hopefully he’ll say something nice.


You can watch a 3 minute clip of the show here ¬†or if you’re old school you can watch it when it goes out on Sky Arts 1 this Thurs at 8.30pm.

Failed Rockstar interview

blog_51Theres an interview with me and Chloe over on Failed Rockstar. You should really check out this site. Rob, a great painter in his own right, has re-launched Failed Rockstar with incredibly indepth interviews. They’re a welcome addition to the 5 second, snappy online interview world so keep checking back as theres loads more to come.

GQ and Me


Totally late with this post. I’m listed in the June issue of GQ under ’10 artists you should know by now’, yippee. ‘The thinking man’s Street Artist’ – hell yeah – t-shirts coming soon! nah maybe not. Anyway, this issue is no longer in the shops. And the guy on the cover isn’t actually me, although we do have similar facial hair and I do normally have those women draped all over me. Fun times.