I’ll try and respond as soon as I can. Sometimes this happens, sometimes it doesn’t.


  1. Hi Connor, just like to thank you for inspiring me.
    I dont know if you remember but you autographed a book for my birthday and my brother, and my Mum bought Party Animals. Anyway keep making amazing work and i wish you all the best

  2. Your work is amazing – I would say its like a visit to Dulwich Picture Gallery on acid….. Now the big question how can I acquire one of your masterpieces on my meager museum wages????? Can’t wait to see your new works…….

  3. Hi Conor, been following your work for a while. found the piece on Mercer Street ages ago and give you a google every now and again when I’ve got a bit of the old creative block. Love it. I’ll be in London in the next couple of weeks to talk to arty gallery people and was wondering where I could see some of your paintings?Are some of them up in Lazarides at the moment? hope this finds you well!

  4. Hey Sarah, I’m afraid I’ve nothing on show in London at the moment. I’m almost ready for the LA show that Laz are doing so everything is heading over there. Best of luck with the arty gallery people.

  5. Hi conor.
    found your stuff via juxtapoz and arrived at your blog….wicked!
    love the way you mix the spray can works with the oil.the mural outside of your studio is a burner, dude.
    im doing 3D Graffiti mioxed surf art.actually come from the spray can but for now doing lots with oil as its good fun, too.
    if you got time check it out and drop me a line:

    thanks for these delicious paintings



  6. I’m an art teacher in the states and I wanted to thank you for your awesome, beautiful work, which has not only inspired me (I’m a street art newb), but also my kids in class. Keep going please, I love all your work!

  7. Hi Conor,

    I love your work! It’s incredibly refreshing. However I can’t find anyone showcasing your work in Oz.

    Do you have a mailing list that I could sign up to, to keep up to date on your latest releases for sale?

  8. Awesome work! Was in London recently and saw a wall done by you around Hoxton. Great work. I just finished a large installation here where I live in Hong Kong called Hope and Glory and I did much research into the crusades as well as other movements of empires over the ages so was interesting to read about your interest in similar themes.
    Keep up the good work and if you ever wanna swap a painting let me know…


  9. Hi Conor, Lazarides was rather special! May I be presumptuous and request the pleasure of your exhibition at Volte Galleries, Wolverhampton, West Midlands. Fantastic venue, Outsiders were made for it…

  10. hey fella – sick show a the the old vic tunnels, wish i had taken a tripod so i could have got better pics – chucked them on my blog tho, always get stoked off your work – I even traded a Mr Brainwash and a shepard fairey print for my first “Conor Harrington” today in a shady backstreet deal – so ill be rocking Trapped by Language above my turntables and next to my framed Dilla album covers when i get time to cut the mount.

    anyways – felt the need to share, feeling triumphant!

    oh yeah, pics



  11. Hey Conor,

    I’d just like to congratulate you on your outstanding work through the years & wish you all the best for the future… I bought two of your paintings (at a very handy price indeed) before you left Cork to go to london… Everyone that comes into my place in Bishopstown will always admire your work… Your paintings have given us many years of enjoyment & will for many more years to come…. thanks

  12. Olá,
    This is just to say that I’ve been a fan of your work for a few years now… I wish you all the best, and that you come to Lisbon one day (great food, btw)!
    Take care,

  13. Conor, your work literally stopped me in my tracks when I first saw it on the cover of Juxtapoz Magazine, I absolutely love it, the disruptiveness of the pieces is powerfully refreshing! Major fandom from Dallas,TX!

  14. Hope you got my letter b4 u left. Crazy bitch i know. My car looks dull. Hopefully i’ll become as good as you then I won’t feel such a twit if my car looks like my table! Hope you take care of the sleeping lion. Although i think she just woke up!! Still could be a manic one but lets hope not.

  15. Hi Conor,
    I’m very impressed with your long overdue return to street-work on hometurf. I’m in awe of the piece in Temple Bar behind the olympia.
    Looking forward to the new work as it drops on the web.
    It’s good to see that Chloe and yourself are doing so well, gives Irish artists like me who don’t necessarily go the straight fine art route some hope for the future.
    Saving up for a print! Keep up the great work.

  16. Hi Conor, I have been a huge fan of your work for quite sometime and looking forward to seeing your Roadworks piece with Jon. I just finished putting up a piece for the same project on sunday past. Best of luck. Dermot.

  17. Hey Conor,
    Loving your work around Dublin. Saw the wall for Contemporary festival, awesome stuff. Really good mix of old and new painting style. Keep up the good work :-)
    We featured you in our Creative Chillout group. We were taking photos of streetart the other week.

    Thanks for the inspiration.
    Keep er lit!
    Clare and the Creative Chillout gang

  18. Hi Conor,
    I saw your piece “Death in the Afternoon” @ The Minotaur..
    I loved it!!! the painting is just fantastic, I was wondering if it was going to be printed or if there is a way of buying a copy?? im not sure of the technical terms for this…
    Thank you

  19. hello conor,
    i`ve sent you an email. please check your inbox. thanks, stefan

  20. Hello ;-) hope your well and when are you coming to australia…

  21. Hello Conor. I’d like to thank you for inspiring me for the last number of years but mainly to thank you for being my sole example of a Cork lad being an artist doing what they love. I was constantly told “going on the dole doesn’t take four years in college” by family etc. Even my art teacher in school told me be a graphic designer and i might have some chance! I really doubted that there was any hope, that was until I heard you were more than “Mr.Who”. Since finding your blog, then Chloe’s ( oh tell her she was featured with some of her work on the anual ASHTON SCHOOL BOOK if she didn’t know, she was the coolest past pupil till hockey was mentioned again). Anyway, I finished my portfolio in st.johns and have done my interviews (I’d say I’ll go to Crawford if i get a place) and I can honestly say I would be doing something I’d despise before the few years of college are over if it wasn’t for you. I fully accept I could go no where with it now but I’m happier and more excited than ever to be getting into something I love, thank you again.
    PS: I’m getting some paint detail of Chloe’s Feathers and Wax : Atlantis piece tattooed on me! it’l look painted on (amanda wachob is an example of the style,but it’ll be more suited to the place i’m getting it).

    Anyway, dunno if you’ll get the chance to read this feckin essay with all rush of your new show, but thanks once again!

  22. Hi Conor,
    Great talk today at Offset2012, also the panel discussion was most illuminating. Really love the new work, a massive leap forward!

  23. Hi Conor,

    I was just writing to say I really like your work. I was just curious how much your smaller originals sell for? I tried to email your gallery, but nobody got back to me. I am also an artist and I appreciate your skill. Its very cool. Makes you think! I like that. I read that your a coffee snob, I actually roast my own coffee in Vermont, must be a artist thing! Please let me know on the smaller pieces. Im sure theyre expensive due to the great quality of your work, but i thought i would ask. Would love to look at one hanging in my place everyday.

    Thanks for your time!


  24. Hey Conor,

    I have no association or history with art of any kind but I did the walking grafiti tour of Dublin recently enough and I thought it was brilliant. It has inspired me to bring a little colour to my life. I’d like to buy a can and just mess around at home. Can you recommend somewhere to buy them?


    Steph (Corkwoman living in Inchicore!)

  25. I just happened onto your blog, and love your work..that sounds a bit naff, maybe, after 31 people have basically said the same thing..but it’s there..

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