Happy Paddys Day


Big Pimpin’

My buddy sent me this today. Daft .

I got caught red-handed painting stencils (the one and only time I’ve ever stenciled I swear) on those bins early one morning in Limerick in 2002. The Garda was grand actually, quite nice after his initial ‘hold it there’ introduction. I had a chat and explained I was just an art student and not a naughty man so he let me go off home with the stencil and paint.


Came across this on the Beeb earlier. Not too bad if you’re not averse to a lil audio literature. Its called Getting Up and its about a young graffiti writer in Wales who falls down into a cave and comes across some ancient cave paintings. He reckons he could be ‘more famous than Basquiat and greater than Banksy’. I always cringe a little when I see graffiti re-enacted like this, especially while read aloud on Radio 4 but worth a listen all the same. You can listen to this award winning short story by Sian Preece here.

Also on Radio 4 is this episode of Book Club. They interview Douglas Coupland , famed author of Generation X. He talks about the Canadian relationship with the US as well as his first experiences with art. He fell in love with Roy Lichtenstein’s work at an early stage and loved how he turned words into art. Likewise with Jenny Holzer who took whole sentences.


Came across this yesterday from an old friend and I’ve had it on repeat since then (nothing to do with the Betty Page vid, honestly). Deviant is an insanely talented DJ and producer with a sound from way out in the deepest corners of the human imagination. We used to do a few shows together called GCUnderground, with DJs, MCs, Breakers and Writers on the one stage, ¬†basically promoting hip hop away from its Dublin-centric roots in Ireland.

You can check out his myspace here for a wee sonic treat, Beauty is my favourite track at the moment. The haunting choral sample that comes in half way makes me want to go and smash a statue and paint  a fresco in a dungeon. Niceness.