Gonna Take My Problems To The United Nations

I painted this wall in London at the weekend, the first image from my recent photo-shoot. The wall is part of the Whitecross Street Party, it happens in a few weeks but I’ll be away so I had to get the wall in early. The new imagery from the shoot has my usual mix of period costume and contemporary flags and you’ll see the finished canvases this October.

Big thanks to Teddy, Tom and Ian Cox for the flicks.

Fame 2012!

Touched down in the South of Italy last night for Fame Festival. This was today’s warm-up piece, super fun in the sun. ‘Fame’ is the Italian for hunger and needless to say I’ve spent most of my time eating.

The Duel of Belfast, Dance by Candlelight


I was invited to paint this wall by the lovely people at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. I’d been to Northern Ireland before but never Belfast. It’s a place imbedded in my mind from years of hearing about it on the news as a kid but like a lot of people growing up south of the border all the Troubles seemed a million miles away.

In a way, I’ve always thought Belfast was the last place I could paint. They have such a strong tradition of sectarian murals depicting political and historical scenes from both an Irish Nationalist and British Loyalist agenda (see below) and although my work has vastly different intentions, my imagery could be perceived as being closer to 1 side of that political divide.  I think there was certainly a few raised eyebrows about an Irish lad painting a seemingly British subject matter but my work is less about Britain and more about the colonial West in general and filtered through a decadent historical lens. However, there is certainly a lot to be read into this painting and that’s up to the viewer to decide. For my part there are 2 people fighting, and another sitting down watching it all and doing nothing.


This is the first piece I painted upon arrival in Northern Ireland last week. DMC picked me up as soon as I landed and we painted in Big Noel’s farm outside Lurgan along with Jonny McKerr. A nice quick piece to warm me up before tackling the big wall in Belfast.

New Dublin Walls

Instead of nursing the butterflies during Offset, I thought it would be a good idea to get out and paint a couple of walls. I’ve been enjoying my quick pieces lately, so I painted the duelist above in Temple Bar. The next day I got up at 6 to paint a quick piece in Inchicore, thought it best to paint while everyone was still in bed.

Painting in places like Inchicore is important. I’m always complaining about the concentration of street art in ‘trendy/hip’ parts of cities (I’m guilty of this too), and if street art is really supposed to be for the people then why is it so rarely found outside of the hipster enclaves. Anyway, Inchicore is a part of Dublin that’s suffering from a lack of love and care. I believe funding ran out for the redevelopment of the area. Obviously my piece isn’t going to change that but I felt a little colour can do no wrong amongst all the grey. The text ‘Tales From The Promised Land’ was already on the wall, I think it was part of a community art project, but a fire had been lighten in the corner so that part was blacked out, the perfect spot for a bit of colour. A special thanks to my 3 henchmen for standing guard

Underbelly Paris, oui oui oui.

This is my piece from a wee top-secret baguette-fuelled ninja mission I was on a couple of months back. Big up to the organizers of the project, I don’t know who they are but they live in the shadows and under bridges and exist on covert banditry alone. Brooklyn Street Art have the full article.

I would go on and on about how cool it was to meet everyone, Saber, Futura and Martha Cooper in particular but that would sound boring and lick-assy. All I’ll say is that it was the 2nd best painting session I’ve ever been on. The best of course, being my premier mission in September 1994, nothing’s going to top your first time but this came close

Black Herds of the Rain (er..sunshine) – Ennis

We arrived in Ennis on Monday evening and started work straight away. Good to be over in the West, took a drive up the coast and even braved the Atlantic for about 3 mins. Painting these spots is always good. People are amazing, they appreciate what you do as opposed to in most big cities where they stand there and think ‘I could do better’. One more wall to come. Its been hot. So much for our rainy video, my sunburn hurts.

Big thanks to Ana at Ennis Street Festival and Brian and everyone at the Rowan Tree Hostel for giving me a wall, a bed and steak every night.